Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy 2013 (lots of pics)

I know it's already February but Happy New Year anyway! We agreed to just enjoy December and not really work on baby stuff until January. So here we are...the 3rd of February and we are starting to get things prepared for our little man :)

We have begun nesting but are having a hard time finding the right gray for the walls. Too dark, too light, too blue, too purple, too tan...

Nice fresh white ceiling!

We had a really great Christmas and I had a great 26th birthday. Baby boy got tons of gifts which was such an unexpected delight. I was spoiled with many great gifts. I won't list them all but I have to share something extra special that my sister, Mea, did for me for my birthday. I have a personal blog that I don't really use anymore. It was a great outlet for me while going through infertility "alone". I had/have many dear followers that prayed for me, loved on me, cried with me and laughed with me. When we decided to go public and start this blog, I realized that I wouldn't be able to keep up with both blogs. Believe it or not I actually did post more in that one ;) Anyway, my sister created a book out of my old blog and a book for this blog up to when we announced that we were pregnant. I couldn't believe it. I'm still in shock over it. I was one of the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts I've ever received. I will always have my words and photos to look back on. I got a good cry over it, it still makes me cry! I pray that one day I'll be able to gift something so meaningful to her as well.

We have some special news to share! Our boy has a friend that was born just after my birthday. Mankato Johnson Lynch arrived Sunday morning December 23rd!!! Josh and I had our fingers crossed that Baby Lynch would be a boy. He is so precious too. We were able to spend some time with our dear friends while they were home from Florida. While I held little Kato my little guy kicked away at his saying hello. Or according to Josh he was picking on him already. They're sure to be friends :)

I love this photo of Josh and Kato. Neither of them are too sure of the other. This is the smallest baby Josh has ever held. He figured since he's going to have one of his own soon he better test out the water. He did awesome too, held him for a good 15-20 minutes. Melted my heart :)

We are so happy for John and Tenisha. Mankato seems to be such a great baby...kid loves his mama! I got to spend a few minutes watching them interact. It was really special seeing a baby so tiny just lock eyes with his mother. He knows that she is his and they need each other. On Thursday before they went back to FL, Nish went with me to my 30 week midwife appointment. It meant the world to me that she came along. The Birth and Women's Center is a very special place. Tenisha and I share the same views on intervention/med free birth. I loved that she could be there and meet some staff members. Unfortunately I couldn't show her the birth rooms because someone was having a baby! Very exciting stuff. As a matter of fact, later that night during our birth class you could hear the cry of a new born baby. Ammmmazing...that will be our little guy in a couple of months.

Oh before I forget, Josh surprised me with KU Basketball tickets for Christmas! It was a great game too, the loudest I've ever heard Allen Fieldhouse. We also scored the best seats we've ever sat in...easy access to the rest room. Husband for the win.


I think that pretty much catches us up. We are getting really excited about my Kansas baby shower on the 24th of this month. Registering was a lot more work than I was expecting. It was kind of overwhelming...babies/kids need so much. Or so this world seems to think so. I'll be sure to post photos from the shower. 

We had an ultrasound on Friday to check on the placenta. Just a recap, it was completely covering my cervix which meant that I would have to have a c-section around 38 weeks (they don't want placenta previa women to go into labor on their own so they take the baby at full term). They told me there was a small chance that it would go up but since it was totally covering my cervix it might just move partially. Which would still require a c-section. The best and most important news is that our boy is healthy and growing right on track. But having an intervention/med free birth is really important to Josh and I. Our TTC {trying to conceive} journey was entirely way too medically hands on. Grateful, yes! Done, yes yes yes. We really would love to just do something on our own. So hearing that we may have to have a c-section was a disappointment. But we didn't give up and neither did our midwife. She was very encouraging and they didn't want to release me until they absolutely had too. 

On Friday our ultrasound showed that the placenta has moved up and is not covering my cervix!!!!!! Not even partially :) We were SO excited, what a huge answered prayer. Also, little man moved head down. Everything is looking perfect, we couldn't  be happier. He is measuring 5 days ahead and weighing approximately 3lb 8 oz...chunkamunk! Our US tech switched over from 2d to 3d and we couldn't help but notice our little man has chubby cheeks, just like me. Oh how his aunties are going to squeeze and kiss those! 

Here are some bump photos to catch you up on my progression. I have really grown and I feel it. 

(sorry it's dark, it was cloudy out and i'm anti flash)

What a difference 2 weeks made!

No stretch marks ((knocks on wood))

I'm feeling pretty good. Sleep is getting a little better, I'm starting to feel more tired during the day so I've been crashing at night. Waking up a couple of times during the night to use the restroom but I'm fine with that as long as I can go back to sleep. My right hip has hurt for about 2 months but now my tail bone hurts too. Nothing too terrible though. I bought a nice exercise ball and I'm going to start stretching out on that. I'll use it during labor anyway so I need to get one. I sat on it for like 20 minutes today and it already made my hip feel better. The world is confident that I'm pregnant. Everywhere I go people as me when I'm due. Today at Home Depot the cashier said "congratulations on your impending child" hahaha! Men always ask me "how are you feeling" and I reply GREAT! Because let's face it, that's what they want to hear. Their awkwardness is pretty darling.

Ok, I think that's enough rambling. My kid is kicking me hard in the ribs, I think it's time for our nightly bowl of cereal. Josh's work schedule just got switched to nights (11p-7a) so he is upstairs napping. This shift is tough on him, he has a hard time absorbing sleep during the day. Praying that by some miracle he will get bumped back to first soon.

Next time I post I'll have baby shower photos and hopefully some nursery progression!