Sunday, March 3, 2013

Baby Shower and Nursery

Last Sunday we had our first baby shower here in Kansas. It was so much fun, I was emotional at first. It just seemed so unreal. I cannot express how much more fun and enjoyable baby showers are now. Which is good timing because I have a TON of friends expecting. I don't know where I would be emotionally and as a friend if our IVF cycle didn't work. I'm so grateful and in constant amazement of God's grace.

We were very blessed at our shower and our little man's room is filling up quickly! We are currently working on an organizing/shelving system for his closet. Let's just jump right into some photos from the baby shower. It was a nautical theme...mostly because whales are cute and I couldn't think of anything else :) My sister-in-law, Sarah, and my mother-in-law, Jeri, did an awesome job!!! It was perfect and the sun was shining which was something I was praying for. We have had a rough couple of weeks with snow, I think we all needed a sunny day.

Thanks, Sarah for grabbing my camera and taking pics! 

The cake was 1/2 white 1/2 lemon. It was sooooo good. I wish that I still had some lemon!

Loved the flags that Jeri made. Hoping to use them for future birthday parties :)

Josh started the party out with a Survival Daddy gift, very fun! Yes, I'm crying.

The whales pinned on the mantel are words of wisdom from the guests.


(Also, shout out to my friend Megan for sending me a My Breastfriend Nursing Pillow when I first found out I was pregnant. Finally took it out of the wrapping and washed the cover yesterday. Thanks, Meg!)

Nursery progression:

Proud that be made a resting place for his boy :)

Going through my box of baby items that I've been collecting for 3 years. Even though no pregnant woman wants to know what her backside looks like, I'm glad Josh snuck this picture :)

We are awaiting our green rocking chair that will go in the corner next to the crib and window. Kangaroo skin from Australia, it's unbelievably soft. We are going to paint the bottom drawer on the crib (which is very handy!) white.

 I'm going to make some white curtains as soon as I relearn how to sew lol. Also, the beautiful mid-century 9 dresser drawer will be getting a face lift. Josh is going to paint the casing white and refinish the walnut drawer fronts. I'm very excited about it, going to look slick! We now have his changing pad (thanks Nish) on top of his dresses. Plenty of room for a changing station up there. The little hamper next to the dresser is for his clothes. Probably will keep his cloth diaper dry sack in the closet. Also, just today, we Josh installed a new wall sconce. It's so cool, fits well with our mid-century theme. I'll post pics of it next time when the nursery is completely finished...if there ever is an ending point.

The morning sun is beautiful in his room. That was one of my main reasons for picking this room instead of our other room. Going to make for some nice photos of little man since I'm anti-flash.

Here we are today at 34 weeks 3 days!!! I don't know why but making it to week 34 felt like a big deal.

Steeeeeetching out!

Most days it just feels like I'm walking around with a basketball in my shirt. Keep cooking in there for at least 3.5 more weeks (full term) baby boy!!!

That was a lot of photos, hope you enjoyed them. People ask me all of the time if I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore...if I'm done.


I love it.

I am very eager to hold our little man when he is born but I am treasuring the beauty of pregnancy while I can. I pray so earnestly that God gives us another miracle down the road. I'm sure by time 40+ weeks comes I'll be done. I mean it hasn't been a bed of roses, there are lots of aches and pains and sleepless nights. But I'm pregnant and I am thankful. He kicks and moves all of the time, now my belly just moves like a giant wave. It's freakishly amazing. 

Hopefully we'll have some maternity pictures to show off soon. Trying to work that out asap. Also, I really would love to write a post about our birth plan and why we are choosing a birth center instead of the hospital. I want to do this as carefully as possible, not to offend anyone. We have done a lot of research on hospital, birth center, and home births. For us, the birth center is the right decision. If you're curious or would just like to learn more about intervention/med free births I highly recommend watching The Business of Being Born. Please note that you will see women giving birth...and all that is associated with it. You will never see Ricki Lake (who created/produced it) the same lol. Please watch it, you can stream it from Netflix or your local library will most likely have a copy. I am planning to watch it again soon in anticipation of our labor and delivery. Come over and watch it with me, I'll pop some popcorn. So much information and statistics that really make you rethink the American maternity ward.